Do I have To?

Living in today’s world is expensive. In order to live a financially balanced life, there are fundamentals you must learn. Getting your financial house in order is the key to living the life you truly want, with the income you have. Do I Have To? will teach you how to put that basic structure in place and purposefully spend your money.

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About The Author

Sheri Wilson, is the mother of 3 grown children, author, and owner of a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agency in McKinney TX. Her background in financial planning played a key role in positioning her as a business owner and recently published author. Sheri has a heart for the millennial generation. While working with recent college grads to help them create financial structure, Sheri realized the millennial generation was missing a key fundamental in this structure; staying connected to the values and principles taught by their parents, grandparents or mentors. Believing that wiser life choices are made when this key fundamental is applied, especially when it comes to how one spends money, Sheri wrote this book to share this message. 

Inside the pages of Do I Have To? is guidance on how millennials can begin to align their spending with their values and principles to create the financial balance to spend wisely, stay out of debt and save for their future. More importantly stay off their parent’s payroll! Sharing from her own experiences of financial success and failures, included are nuggets of wisdom she received from her parents over the years. Sheri encourages the reader to ask their parents, grandparents, or mentors for the valuable wisdom of their life experiences. In an afternoon, one can begin to put these fundamentals in place and change the outcome of one’s future.